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The Ramp Rat started flying at the ripe age of 12 years old. For the last quarter of a century, he has lived and breathed aviation. Working his way through earning pilots licenses and ratings and learning just as much as he can with aviation goals for his career and his hobby.


He credits many of his opportunities and experiences to the generosity of folks who share his same vocation. Friends far and wide were always a willing resource, sharing their education, experiences, time, and even aircraft to facilitate Joe’s journey in the sky. 


Joe is equally as passionate about sharing his little slice of airplanes and airspace with others as well. He gets the most airborne enjoyment out of sharing flight with people who have never been in a small airplane, exposing other pilots to types of flying they hadn’t considered, and helping pilots hone skills to reach their goals. That is why he is an active volunteer pilot for the Young Eagles and maintains his flight instructor status; To share flight. 

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